Freaky fast fuzzy finder for (denite.nvim/CtrlP matcher) for vim/neovim
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Freaky fast fuzzy Denite/CtrlP matcher for vim/neovim


In your .vimrc:

" vim-plug; for other plugin managers, use what's appropriate
" if you don't want to trust a prebuilt binary, skip the 'do' part
" and build the binaries yourself. Instructions are further down
" and place them in the /path/to/plugin/rplugin/python3 folder

Plug 'raghur/fruzzy', {'do': { -> fruzzy#install()}}

" optional - but recommended - see below
let g:fruzzy#usenative = 1

" When there's no input, fruzzy can sort entries based on how similar they are to the current buffer
" For ex: if you're on /path/to/somefile.h, then on opening denite, /path/to/somefile.cpp
" would appear on the top of the list.
" Useful if you're bouncing a lot between similar files.
" To turn off this behavior, set the variable below  to 0

let g:fruzzy#sortonempty = 1 " default value

" tell denite to use this matcher by default for all sources
call denite#custom#source('_', 'matchers', ['matcher/fruzzy'])

" tell CtrlP to use this matcher
let g:ctrlp_match_func = {'match': 'fruzzy#ctrlp#matcher'}
let g:ctrlp_match_current_file = 1 " to include current file in matches

Native modules

Native module gives a 10 - 15x speedup over python - ~40-60μs!. Not that you’d notice it in usual operation (python impl is at 300 - 600μs)

  1. Run command :call fruzzy#install() if you’re not using vim-plug.

  2. restart nvim

Manual installation

  1. Download the module for your platform. If on mac, rename to

  2. place in /path/to/fruzzy/rplugin/python3

  3. Make sure you set the pref to use native module - g:fruzzy#usenative=1

  4. restart vim/nvim


Raise a ticket - please include the following info:

Get the version
  1. Start vim/nvim

  2. Activate denite/ctrlp as the case may be.

  3. Execute :call fruzzy#version() - this will print one of the following

    1. version number and branch - all is good

    2. purepy - you’re using the pure python version.

    3. modnotfound - you requested the native mod with let g:fruzzy#usenative=1 but it could not be loaded

    4. outdated - native mod was loaded but it’s < v0.3. You can update the native mod from the releases.

  4. include output of the above

Describe the issue
  1. include the list of items

  2. include your query

  3. What it did vs what you expected it to do.


Build native module
  1. install nim >= 0.19

  2. dependencies

    1. nimble install binaryheap

    2. nimble install nimpy

  3. cd rplugin/python3

  4. [Windows] nim c --app:lib --out:fruzzy_mod.pyd -d:release -d:removelogger fruzzy_mod

  5. [Linux] nim c --app:lib -d:release -d:removelogger fruzzy_mod

  6. -d:removelogger

    • removes all log statements from code.

    • When removelogger is not defined, only info level logs are emitted

    • Debug builds (ie: without -d:release flag) also turns on additional debug level logs

Running tests
  1. cd rplugin

  2. pytest - run tests with python implementation

  3. FUZZY_CMOD=1 pytest - run tests with native module