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Clone of with hacks to make it work with Cygwin
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man Man page cosmetics.
src use gpg only on cygwin
COPYING Fedora wants the whole license in COPYING.
INSTALL Style fixes.
Makefile Makefile: Do not install bash completion to /etc
README Use getclip/putclip for clipboard fn


Cygwin notes
1. Dependency is on Gpg instead of GPG2
2. Changed command to gpg in the script.
3. --batch does not work - there's no agent. So you need to enter GPG password everytime
4. Cygwin does not have `tree` - download and compile from source from here
5. You will need a few cygwin packages (other than the ones in the original list)
    1. linux-utils (getopt)
    2. cygutils-extra (getclip/putclip)

Simple Password Store
by Jason Donenfeld

This is a very simple password store that encrypts passwords using gpg and
places the encrypted password in a directory. It can generate new passwords
and keep track of old ones.

Visit the project page for more information:

Please see the man page for documentation and examples.

Depends on:
- bash
- GnuPG2
- git
- xclip
- pwgen
- tree
- GNU getopt
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