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Adblocking dns server using bind and nginx
Python Shell Dockerfile
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Adblock DNS Server

Adblocking DNS server using bind and nginx services. The services are run inside docker containers.


This project is created to help block Ads, at the DNS resolution level. Using this project, you can quickly bring up a caching DNS server that also redirects Ads to a null webserver. If you use this DNS server on your devices/wifi-router instead of your ISP's or other regular DNS servers (Google, OpenDNS), Ads wil be blocked.


To run this project, make sure your system/server has the following packages installed:

  • python3
  • docker
  • docker-compose

Running the server

Follow these steps to get this project up and running.

  1. clone this project. Then, cd into the cloned project folder.

    git clone
    cd adblock-dns-server
  2. copy the sample .env file, and edit the values according to your server settings

    cp sample.env .env
    nano .env

    If you are running this locally on your computer, you can leave the default values as is. This will redirect all ads traffic to your computer, and they will return empty.

    If you are running this on a local network, or a public server, you should place the ipv4/ipv6 addresses of your server. This will redirect all ads to your server, with empty result.

    # .env file - running locally
    FQDN=dns.localhost.localdomain  # optional: fdqn of your server
    IPV4=                  # ipv4 address of your server
    IPv6=::1                        # ipv6 address of your server
  3. run the start script to start the dns server

  4. do a quick test

    # tests dns lookup against Google's dns server
    # should return regular/valid response
    $ nslookup
    Non-authoritative answer:
    # tests dns lookup against our adblock dns server
    # should return our server's IP instead
    $ nslookup X.X.X.X
    Server:		X.X.X.X
    Address:	X.X.X.X#53
    Non-authoritative answer:
    Address: X.X.X.X
  5. stopping the dns server


Configuring your device

Short version

Option 1: WiFi Router level

  • Affects all devices connected to said router.
  • Instructions:
    • Go to your router admin page, under WAN settings.
    • Edit DNS settings. Use your adblock-dns server's IP address instead of Automatic or Google's (,

Option 2: Personal Computer level

  • Affects single device.
  • Instructions:
    • Go to your computer's network setting.
    • Change DNS settings. Use your adblock-dns server's IP address instead of Automatic or Google's (,

Detailed tutorial


This project could use some improvements and help in many areas, which includes, documentation, testing, code improvement, and deployment implementations.

If you have any suggestions, or would like to report and problem, create a Github issue to grab my attention.

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