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Ask StackExchange in Emacs
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This package allows you to search any StackExchange site specified in asx-sites and insert the top post in an Org-mode buffer. For better searching, this uses Google and DuckDuckGo as it is superior to StackExchange’s searching capabilities. More search engines can be defined using asx-search-engine-alist.

Inspired by this reddit post and howdoyou.el, I decided to build a more robust experience and make it compatible with Org-mode.

I chose to scrape the StackExchange posts, as StackExchange’s API only allows searching/getting posts from a single site.


Available on MELPA.


Run M-x asx and enter query when prompted.


asx-sitesSites to search.("" ...)
asx-search-engineSearch engine to
asx-search-engine-alistAlist of search engine configuration.((google ..) (duckduckgo ..))
asx-number-of-answersAnswers to include.3
asx-prompt-post-pIf non-nil, prompt for post to show. Otherwise show the first post.nil
asx-buffer-nameName of buffer to insert post.*AskStackExchange*
asx-skip-unansweredIf non-nil, skip posts which have no answers.t


asxSearch for query.
asx-jumpJump to post.
asx-next-postGo to next post.
asx-previous-postGo to previous post.
asx-reload-postReload current post.
asx-go-back-to-first-postGo to first post.

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