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#Containers and Cloud Foundry Hands-On Labs


Needless to say you'll need a laptop! Any OS is fine, but make sure to install the following software prior to the session:

Prerequisite 1: Install Git (or "brew install git").

Prerequisite 2: Registered for a Bluemix account that is still current (trial Bluemix accounts are available at Contact the instructor for a promotion code for a bump in the quota. Please note down the username (or email) and password which will be used to login via the cf CLI.

Prerequisite 3: Install the The cf CLI from [] ( - download the latest version that is appropriate for your laptop and follow the instructions in README.txt.

Prerequisite 4: Install the ic plugin for the cf CLI based on directions at

##Samples and General Directions

Each directory is in a separate sub-directory. Ensure that you're in the sub-directory when you're working on a particular exercise and you're issuing the CLI commands from the subdirectory pertaining to the exercise.

We've also provided a choice of samples. The instructions will refer to the PCF-demo sample application at but they can be applied to the NodeJS app. or other Java apps as well.

##Recommended Exercises - User Related

It is recommended that you run through these exercises sequentially since they are progressive with some dependencies. Each exercise should take about 5-10 mins. to complete.

  • Exercise 1: Target the Cloud Foundry Instance
  • Exercise 2: [Push your application] (exercises/ex2)
  • Exercise 3: [manifest.yml and more CLI commands] (exercises/ex3)
  • Exercise 3c: [Containerize the Application] (exercises/ex3c)
  • Exercise 4: [Connect to a service] (exercises/ex4)
  • Exercise 4c: [Connect a Cloud Foundry Service to a Container] (exercises/ex4c)
  • Exercise 5: [Scale your application] (exercises/ex5)
  • Exercise 5c: [Scale Containers] (exercises/ex5c)
  • Exercise 6: [Health Monitoring] (exercises/ex6)
  • Exercise 6c: [Recoverability of Containers] (exercises/ex6c)
  • Exercise 7: [Draining logs] (exercises/ex7)
  • Exercise 7c: [Container logs] (exercises/ex7c)

##More Resources

Plenty of samples in multiple languages at [] (

IBM Containers documentation at [] (

IBM Containers CLI documentation at


Please contact me on Twitter @ragss.