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Docker on Azure Hands-On Lab - Docker to Helm


Needless to say you'll need a laptop! Any OS is fine (Mac is recommended and that's the only machine we've tested on) but make sure the following prerequisites are met prior to the session:

  • Prerequisite 1: Git is installed

  • Prerequisite 2: A valid Azure subscription is available. You can get a trial account from

  • Prerequisite 3: The az CLI from is installed on the laptop OR you can use the cloud shell as outlined in

  • Prerequisite 4: Limits in Azure are set low. File support tickets to get the limits bumped up for your subscriptions. We will need cores (60-100 recommended) to be spun up in West UK which supports some of the configurations.

  • Prerequisite 5: A familiarity with the Azure portal and the CLI (attended a 1-day Azure course for instance).

  • Prerequisite 6: A Docker Hub account from This is optional if you're OK skipping portions of a few exercises.

  • Prerequisite 7: The labs from installed locally either via a git clone command or by downloading a zip file from the remote repository.

Samples and General Directions

Each directory is in a separate sub-directory. Ensure that you're in the sub-directory when you're working on a particular exercise and you're issuing the CLI commands from the subdirectory pertaining to the exercise.

Recommended Exercises - User Related

It is recommended that you run through these exercises sequentially since they are progressive with some dependencies. Each exercise should take about 10-20 mins. to complete.

More Resources

Docker Getting Started Material at

Kubernetes at

Docker Swarm on Azure at

Docker Swarm on Azure at

Kubernetes on Azure at

Helm getting started at

Draft getting started at

Azure getting started at

Other recommended resources

My Colleague Jim Stuertevant's Docker workshop -

Free book on .NET Microservices Architecture at


Please contact me on Twitter @ragss.


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