Open selected files in an editor of choice based on BitBar plugin.
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Plugin for to edit files using the editor specified in the BitBar plugin currentFiles.1h.rb.

Install with fman's built-in command for installing plugins.

To use with the BitBar plugin, you will need to have BitBar installed and the currentFiles.1h.rb plugin installed and configured. You can also use the Alfred BitBar Workflow to control the plugin.

Alternatively, you can use the TextBar program with the Current Files and Editor plugin installed. You can use the Alfred with the My Editor Workflow to control the editor and edit files.

After restarting fman, you will be able to select the editor you are currently using to edit file.


Pressing F4 with files selected or simply highlighted will open the file in the editor that you specify in the plugin. Changing the current editor in the BitBar plugin will change which editor is used instantly.


  • Opens selected files in the editor specified by the BitBar or TextBar plugin.