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Visualize git repositories
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Repo Explorer

Visualizes git repositories as timelines.

See it live here and this blog post.

Set up the environment

  • Install front-end dependencies: npm install
  • Install backend dependencies (assuming you have virtualenv with 3.6 installed):
    • virtualenv venv
    • source venv/bin/activate
    • pip install -r requirements.txt


Importing a repository

Since the visualization depends upon a fair bit of processing to extract information from repositories, you would need to "import" one before you can visualize it. The process is manual right now:

  • Clone a respository somewhere locally
  • source venv/bin/activate
  • launch the REPL: bpython
  • set up the library: from gitviz.git import git
  • import your repository: git.importRepo('/path/to/your/locally/cloned/repository')

This should add the processed JSON to gitviz/data/, and be available if you refresh the app in the browser.

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