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LabGear URL-based API

For app-version 3.0 & up

Note: labgear:// scheme works in all versions but the x-callback-url protocol is supported only in version 3.0 & up. To check if the installed LabGear app supports x-callback-url, a [ .. canOpenURL] call can be made to x-labgear://


X-Callback-URL(and its parameters) Remain optional. LabGear will function as expected without any of those.



Lab Detail

  • lab - Viewing a Lab Test.
  • Params: id (Lab Identifier, string)
  • Eg. labgear://x-callback-url/lab?id=SAAG


  • lablist - Lists an array of Lab tests (in the Main App View)
  • Param: tags (Lab Short-Abbreviation separated by a comma, string)
  • Eg. labgear://x-callback-url/lablist?tags=Alb,Glu
  • Param: ids (Lab identifiers separated by a comma)
  • Eg. labgear://x-callback-url/lablist?ids=SAAG,PT
  • Note: tags param will take precedence over ids if both are present.


  • notes - Adds a string as a note to the lab).
  • Params: text (URL Encoded string).
  • Optional Param: id (Lab Identifier)
  • Eg. labgear://x-callback-url/notes?text=SAAG%20is%20low%20in%20leukemias&id=SAAG (This will add the note to the lab with identifier SAAG.
  • Note: If No id parameter is present, LabGear will switch to Search & Select mode where the user will search and select the labs to which the Note will be added.

Optional Parameters (x-callback-url)

  • x-success (optional, URL): called after successfully adding Notes.
  • x-cancel (optional, URL): called when User taps 'Cancel'. It is not applicable when id= param is supplied.
  • x-error (optional, URL): called when text=nil or id=nil or id failed to identify a Lab test.
  • Eg. labgear://x-callback-url/notes?text=&x-success=twitter:&x-cancel=medcalc:&x-error=medcalc: