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Supports two basic calls; they are not comprehensive, but enough for the purpose of the app. Fully supports X-Callback-URL protocol.

  1. new: Adds a new note
  2. get: Opens up RENOTE app, sends a URL-encoded note text after the user selects a Note. Requires x-success parameter.


  • Adds a new note in RENOTE
  • required parameters:
    • text: text to add to renote.
  • x-callback-url is not a requirement.
  • eg: renote://x-callback-url/new?text=TEXT-TO-ADD


This action should be used to get a note text into another app. Opens RENOTE in selection mode and sends a User-selected note text via x-callback-url protocol. X-Callback-URL is required for this to work. x-success.

  • x-success should have a target URL that receives the text.
  • RENOTE adds parameter text= and appends the text-to-add to x-success when user selects the Note and taps Send.
  • Note text is URL Encoded and requires to be decoded at the receiver's end.
  • eg. renote://x-callback-url/get?x-success={{drafts4://create}}&x-cancel=drafts4:

Variables – Custom Action URLs

Variables found in the custom action URLs are replaced with URL encoded strings:

  • [[note]]: Entire text typed within the editing space.
  • [[title]]: Top line. If whole text is a single line, then the first 30 characters are returned.
  • [[text]]: Text beyond the Title. If the whole text is a single line (title), then this will return the whole text.
  • [[filename]]: Creates a filename from the text. A valid fileame is created from the top line. If theres no top-line, the first valid 55 characters are sanitized and appended with a .txt extension.
  • eg: drafts4://create?text=[[note]]. Where note is replaced with the entire text.


Having a decent functional URL Scheme was inspired from Greg Pierce, the creator of the excellent Drafts app and x-callback-url protocol.