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I Have an Idea

Have an idea and need a team? Post your name, contact information, idea, and who you're looking for below.

Name & Contact Info Idea
Sky C (@mixlepix / gmail:mixlepixapp) Photo Sharing for concerts and Festivals
I'm working on an app that allows event goers to share photos in one communal gallery and event producers to display these images live and create promotions around them. I'm looking for a designer (help save our site) as well as iOS developers and php/mysql developers. We have a lot developed already, join our team for the weekend, and maybe longer.
Josh G (@hackerbeta) Find a musician to jam with.
I'm an artist/designer/life hacker seeking some dev's to make an app that allows musicians to find each other to jam with either online or offline.
Chad M (gmail: mrc4573) Content creators connect with advertisers to develop original content.
I'm a designer/creative looking for NoSQL dev's to make an app that allows musicians/script writers to get paid for advertising in their lyrics/scripts.
Bobby M (@bomatson / gmail: bobby.matson) Autotune. Music suggestions that rule
I'm a Ruby dev looking to collab with others on a Rails app that uses Lastfm, Rdio and Twitter to determine what you should be listening to next. Just threw the beginnings on github so ping me if interested!
Jay Carpenter (@1800HOLLYWOOD / gmail: rjaycarpenter) Web Phone Mobile dance together in a new way!
We are a new development team using powerful domains and telephone numbers to combine entertainment and communications. looking to collaborate with others. Call 1-800-465-5996 or 1-800-HOLLYWOOD and join what is possible when the phone mashes with the web!
Francisco R. (@francisco_ramos / gmail: donfrancisco) / (@github/donfrancisco Upcoming Tracks.
A list of album release dates and when they are available on Spotify and Rdio.
I am an iOS/Ruby dev here ready to rock out this weekend. The app will pull listings of Album Release dates from the Rovi API and poll daily the Spotify and Rdio APIs to let you know when you can listen to it.
David T/ gmail: ( Viral Monetization/Direct to Fan:
A widget that creates a concise branded web presence for content creators. The goal is to prepare them to monetize the traffic before the serendipity of going viral. I'm looking for someone specializing in UI implementation who also posses backend skills.
CK (@cklinorg / MovieID: Better Way for FilmMakers to Connect with Movie Fans
Most people don't know this, but opening weekend box office makes or breaks a movie. We want to create a destination site for movie lovers to connect with indie film makers. Film makers get more fans and get to prove marketability to distributors; film lovers get to discover cool movies and a chance to win prizes.

I Want to Join a Team

Looking to join a team, but don't see anything you like in the table above? Post your name, contact information, and skills.

Name & Contact Info Skills
Rory Reiff (@roryreiff / gmail: roryreiff) Front end design / development (html, css, js) with enough experience in back end development to work well with others. Currently working on a proper beta version of a social comparison engine ( Looking to either join an existing team, or thinking about forking Atfight into the constraints of this hackathon (i.e. some hybrid of social comparisons or polling dealing with media). I would really like to work on a Spotify app, as I use the service on a daily basis.
Johnny Cheng (gmail: johnny.cheng7b9) Java/Spring Dev by day. Ruby hacker by night. I have experience with PHP, css, jquery, etc. First time going to a hackathon. I have been working on making a simple app with Twilio. I would like to continue with that or add another dimension to it. Open to joining team that want to do something with SMS and/or music.
Andrew Coppola (@courdek / gmail: courdek) Designer & Front-end dev. Just moved to LA from Phoenix. Haven't been to a hackathon before but am looking forward to it. I'm a huge fan of RDIO and would love to work with a team doing something with it.
Jenny Koreny (@jennykoreny / gmail: jkoreny) Designer & front end as well. I'm interested in helping a team specifically in the area of entertainment (TV/Film) and/or entertainment advertising. CSS/HTML, Basic flash AS3 skills
PA Lava (@lastnamelava) PHP dev on CodeIgniter. I'm ok at jQuery, but Javascript is not my forte. I can take designs and convert them into HTML/CSS
Matt Davis ( gmail: matthappens) Developer with Python and Javascript experience, competent with CSS/HTML/AJAX. I work mostly in scripting for film studios, so I've got a bias toward video/images. Passable art skills