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Thanks to everyone I included here. RConfig would not exist without their contributions.
Mike Sandler, Kurt Stephens, CashNetUSA (CNU):
- The core of logic of RConfig is based on a stand-alone class called CnuConfig, that resided in the CNU codebase.
- It was originally created by Mike Sandler as a config solution for CNU's internal web apps.
- It only supported yaml files, but it boasted overlay support to unobstrusively load environment specific configs,
and a dottable notation not seen in any other ruby config libraries.
- It was later enhanced by Kurt Stephens to support indifferent access, reload support, and callbacks, making it
a enterprise worthy config solution.
- I have made some signifcant enhancements to RConfig since that original debut, to make it a truly complete
configuration solution, all of which are in this gem.
- The original CnuConfig, that RConfig was forked from was open-sourced by CNU as ActiveConfig. It can be found on
GitHub for anyone interested.