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* Fixed indifferent access in Config object.
* Fixed error occuring in non-Rails apps (NameError/HashWithIndifferentAccess missing) - From vandries/rconfig (github)
* Fixed install generator
* Fixed application file shorthand (i.e. RConfig[key] == RConfig.application.key)
* Broke RConfig core into separate modules to decrease core class size.
* Added Rails generator to override RConfig settings in Rails projects
* Added support for git-like config files, giving key/value properties files potentially three levels.
* Added support for values referencing other properties in key-value config files
* Refactored settings module to allow for clean defaults, and overriding.
* Added RConfig logger.
* Renamed overlay to cascade
* Fixed a syntax error in when clause of config_hash.rb for ruby 1.9.1 - From dvyjones/rconfig (github).
* Fixed raise on allow_reload method.
* Fixed unit test, rconfig_test.rb.
* Fixed minor typos, comments, and bugs.
* Refactored Hash#weave signature; changed dont_clobber=true, to clobber=false (reads more intuitively).
* Removed redundant validate method from PropertiesFileParser.
* Renamed PropertiesFileParser to PropertiesFile
* Fixed overlay class variable not loaded warning.
* Fixed bug in 0.3.1 causing stackrace
0.3.1 (bug - DO NOT USE)
* Added rake scripts
* Finished gemspec
* Created rdocs
* Built gem file
* Re-factored rconfig core.
* Added new helper method to init rconfig.
* Re-factored core_ext/hash.
* Added custom exceptions.
* Added global instance $config, for convenience.
* Updated comments.
* Added support for setting config path(s) programmtically.
* Added support for using multiple file types at once.
* Cleaned up STDERR statements.
* First public release
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