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Laravel 4 Artisan notes management
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This project is my idea.

Laravel 4 Artisan Notes Management

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Inpired by Rails Rake notes, Laravel Notes helps you manage your notes when developing an application. It will search comment begin with TODO, FIXME, or OPTIMIZE.


  • Update your composer.json to require "rahmatawaludin/laravel-notes": "dev-master"
  "require": {
    "laravel/framework": "4.1.*",
    "rahmatawaludin/laravel-notes": "dev-master"
  • Run composer update in the Terminal
  • Add the LaravelNotesServiceProvider 'Rahmatawaludin\LaravelNotes\LaravelNotesServiceProvider' to the laravel providers array in the file app/config/app.php
'providers' => array(


Add your comment to file within app directory begin with @TODO, @FIXME, or @OPTIMIZE. example:


// @TODO create different layout


// @FIXME missing controller for router


 * This is really important
 * @OPTIMIZE better looping for this model
 * @var string

Then use notes in terminal to view all notes:

$ php artisan notes


  • To filter only one type
$ php artisan notes todo
  • To add custom types to the default ones
$ php artisan notes --extra-filters=foo,bar
  • To search only within a directory (defaults: app)
$ php artisan notes --include-path=app/views
  • To exclude a directory (defaults: storage)
$ php artisan notes --exclude-path=app/views

Under the hood

Laravel Notes will check your plataform and run grep of you are on a UNIX system. For Windows users it will use PHP to read and parse files. Non-formal tests have found that grep is 2x faster.


alt text


Version Feature
1.0 Basic viewing notes
1.1 Filter notes by type
1.2 Filter notes by custom type
1.3 View notes on specific directory
1.4 Excludes notes on specific directory
2.0 Improved lookup
2.1 Add --group-by-file and --group-by-type
2.2 Any idea?


  1. Fork
  2. Work on dev branch
  3. Pull
  4. Repeat.. :)
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