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A rule-based renderer for OSM data.


Smrender is a powerful, flexible, and modular rule-based data processing and rendering engine for OSM data. It is mainly intended to create paper charts for print-out but it can be used for a lot of other tasks as well. Because of its very generic and modular software design it is perfectly suitable for complex OSM data processing and manipulation tasks such as filtering, modification, and statistical analysis.

You can find some charts here: prerendered charts. The most accurate charts are the yellow map style charts of Croatia (updated on 29th of April 2015), which are based on the official sheet lines: Croation sea charts. You can find some other examples here: chart samples.



The latest releases are found here in Github releases section. Older Source packages are also found at current/ directory.

With February 2016, the primary project page of Smrender was moved to Github. The old page is found at Abenteueland which I will keep up for a while.

Even older versions of Smrender have been moved to the archive/ directory.


The latest documentation for version 4.0 is found in the doc/ folder of the source repository. You directly view it here as HTML page or here as PDF document.

Compile and Install

If Smrender shall be used only for data manipulations, it does not have any dependencies. But if used to produce charts which is the most common case, Smrender depends on the following packages which have to be installed before compilation: libcairo-dev, librsvg2-dev, libjpeg-turbo-dev (or libjpeg-dev alternatively)

To compile and install from the tarball:

make install

If it was checked out from SVN or GIT: run / first (you have to have the GNU Autotools installed in this case.).

See documentation for more information.


Smrender seems not to work in non-memory-mapped mode.


Smrender is developed and maintained by Bernhard R. Fischer, 4096R/8E24F29D You may also follow me on Twitter.


Smrender is released under GNU GPLv3.