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CapitalOne Tech Summit Instagram Challenge
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Capital One Instagram Challenge

Created By: Richard Huang

This project was built for the Capital One Winter Summit 2016 and its purpose is to analyze Capital One's social media presence on Instagram. It queries the top 20 most recent Instagram posts with #CapitalOne and using sentiment analysis, it determine whether or not each post is saying something positive, negative, or neutral about Capital One. The web app also using HighCharts and D3 to visualize how positively or negatively CapitalOne has been trending on Instagram and the user can load more and more data to get an even bigger picture.

This project is built on the Django framework and utilizes the Instagram API as well as Text-Processing's Sentiment Analysis API. It utilizes HTML, Javascript/Jquery, CSS (Materialize Bootstrap) as well as other libraries such as D3, Highcharts, and Tooltipster.

To run this on localhost all you need to do is enter: python

There is currently a stack up for this on Heroku at:

Github Repo:

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