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Innovative new approach to a teacher/parent/student management system
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Teach Team

Created By: Richard Huang, Shawn Fan, Nathan Fennel, Lauren Palmer

This project was built for the 24 hr hackathon, HMH Hackathon. Our goal was to make a online platform that would make communication and notifications much easier between teachers, parents, and students. In addition to fundamental features like gradebook, notifications, schedule, etc. we added the ability for parents to set a grade theshold where they can be notified if any grades dip below that. We also added the ability for users to generate additional practice questions for certain topics. Lastly, we wanted this to be more like a social media feel where teachers can also share pictures and parents can see a newsfeed of updates and pictures on the iPhone application that we also built.

To run this on localhost all you need to do is enter: python

Github Repo:

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