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Dotfiles Template

This is a template repository for bootstrapping your dotfiles with Dotbot.

To get started, you can fork this repository (and probably delete this README and rename your version to something like just dotfiles).

In general, you should be using symbolic links for everything, and using git submodules whenever possible.

To keep submodules at their proper versions, you could include something like git submodule update --init --recursive in your install.conf.yaml.

To upgrade your submodules to their latest versions, you could periodically run git submodule update --init --remote.


If you're looking for inspiration for how to structure your dotfiles or what kinds of things you can include, you could take a look at some repos using Dotbot.

And there are about 700 more here.

If you're using Dotbot and you'd like to include a link to your dotfiles here as an inspiration to others, please submit a pull request.


This software is hereby released into the public domain. That means you can do whatever you want with it without restriction. See for details.

That being said, I would appreciate it if you could maintain a link back to Dotbot (or this repository) to help other people discover Dotbot.


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