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BeFriend-The Guide (6th Sem Minor Project)

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An integration specific system development based on Agile Methodology to provide an easy solution for “newcomers” in college. It helps to allocate hostel rooms, suggest suitable stream, and provide daily class schedules and pending tasks. Moreover it makes an easy solution to students to do few tasks without the help of their mentors.

Website :

Technologies Being Used : Data Mining, Machine Learning, Full Stack Development, Flutter.
Tools and Languages Being Used : Python, PHP, MongoDB, MySQL, Flask, AWS, EC2, Restful API, CSS, JavaScript, Apache Server, PuTTY.

All documentations are in the "/docs" directory.

1. Introduction

Often after higher secondary results students find themselves in a turmoil in deciding what stream of engineering is best suited for them. BEFRIEND aims to be a guide. It will provide students an easy and user friendly platform available in both web and mobile application formats where students can enter their marks and the entrance exam rank. Implementing Data Analytics on the input, it will provide the best choice for the student. Moreover, the pre-final and final year students face difficulty in opting the right field or domain for their career paths to grow. BEFRIEND will help them make this decision. The classical process of allocating rooms to the borders is completely manual and it takes a lot of time and effort to provide the confirmed rooms to borders due to which the students face a lot of problems. BEFRIEND simplifies the process. Here the students can enter their preferences (2/3 bedded, AC/Non-AC, Attached/Non-attached washroom) and based on the availability of rooms, hostels will be allocated to them. Its main aim is to be a 24x7 guide for students. To facilitate this, the portal will have an event scheduler where a student can keep track of his/her due academic projects, assignments, quizzes and also non-academic activities. In this way, they can efficiently manage their time between the two. Along with a lot of other functionalities, it will also contain a notice board displaying daily notifications and important announcements so that students can keep track of the latest happenings around the campus.

2. Mission Statement

In student life, time management plays a crucial role. With rapid changing needs of a dynamic world market, a student must have lateral development. However, due to lack of planning and relevant information, the student loses track in vast overflowing data present all around him/ her. Being new to college, the first year students are unable to cope up with the unfamiliarity of the new surroundings. This leads to improper utilization of their full potential as a good amount of time is wasted on building faith and checking for the relevance and validity of the information source. Few years back a computer engineer's task was to manage and deal in hardware and software components. However, with passage of time and advancement of technology, the task has diversified. Due to the presence of varied domains in the IT sector, many final year students get deviated and are unable to decide on which domain is best suited for them to pursue as a career.

3. Mission Objective

Our aim is to build a complete self-adapted system that deals with several problems together without manual interference. Using all sub-systems integrated in a single platform will make it more robust and efficient both in terms of technology and time management. The auto-correlated system we aim to build provides a solution by taking output of a sub-system as an input to the other one.

4. Project Goal

➢ Suggesting freshers the branch that is most suitable for them
➢ To simplify the process of allotment of hostel to students
➢ A virtual static Mentor Bot to reduce workload.
➢ Career recommendation to under-graduate engineering students for higher education.
➢ To-do list for assignments and other tasks.
➢ Self-monitoring system- to check progress and learning curve after each semester.
➢ Notify students about all latest notices and events hosted by KIIT and KISS.
➢ Daily schedule to keep up the learning pace of students, includes class routines, class tests and quizzes.
➢ Voice detection to ensure the students emotional state is stable.
➢ Creation of platform where alumni of KIIT can be participate in discussions with their batch mates.

5. Features

  1. Completely self-adapted system.
  2. Multiple utility platform.
  3. Secure and reliable.
  4. State-of-the-art tools and platforms are used to get consistent and accurate results every time.
  5. User-Friendly interface.
  6. Available in both web and mobile application interface.

6. System Hierarchy

Deployment click me

This api can be hosted on platform like heroku, aws, and others. MongoDB Atlas or Matlab can be used for remote database.
For instance, the application can be deployed on Heroku by creating and registering an account. Following, create a new app and choose a deployment method (terminal or github) and follow the instruction there. Remote database can be created using Mongodb Atlas or Matlab.
For Mongodb Atlas, you need to just to create your account and make a new cluster and link the cluster to your application through a URL. Following the given steps, you would have a remote application up and running.

Contributing contributions welcome

If you are the helping and contributing one, your efforts and suggestion are always welcomed.