Remote killswitch for Windows PCs
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What is this?

killr is a super simple remote killswitch for Windows PCs.

All code is under the MIT License.


Download the following files and keep them all in the same directory:

 1. index1.html - primary html doc
 2. index2.html - secondary html doc
 3. killr.cmd   - main script
 4. nc.exe      - netcat executable compiled for Windows
 5. pass.txt    - text file with your passphrase
 6. res.txt     - HTML headers

killr requires netcat (nc.exe). You can compile it yourself, if you wish. Get the code here.


  1. edit pass.txt to contain only your password.
  2. edit the port and comfile variables at the top of killr.cmd.
  3. create a scheduled task to run killr.cmd on startup.

comfile should be the path of a script or executable which gets called when the killswitch is activated.
port should be the port on which killr listens.


killr is invoked by sending a GET request: hostname:port/?password=<password>.

If you visit https://hostname:port/ in your browser, it should show you a form which allows you to do the same thing.

When killr is invoked, it executes the script defined in comfile, stops accepting any requests, and will only display a static HTML page.

When the killswitch is activated, it deletes the password file, forcing you to set up a new one in order to reset the killswitch. This is by design. Because your connection with killr is not encrypted, a third party can get your password through a MiTM attack. For this reason, please choose a new and unique password each time you reset killr.


You can access killr's logs in killr_log.txt.

Temporary Files

killr makes two temporary files: __input and __pas. These are safe to delete at any point, they'll just be recreated.