Decode data that is percent encoded in batch.
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Decode data that is percent encoded in batch.
Originally designed to decode POST form data. Use with netcat-http-server-for-windows!

NOTE: As of 2017-08-10 this project is complete and the script is working pefectly, all known bugs have been fixed.

NOTE: Currently only decodes symbols, not all printable characters... I'm currently still working on other printable characters... Decodes all printable characters now!

Usage: percentdecoder <encoded-string-goes-here>

Example: percentdecoder 80+90+this+is+cool+right%3F

Programmed in pure windows batch!

License: MIT License


  1. (2017-07-08): Added support for newlines. (NOTE: \r, \n, \r\n & \n\r all just print text on a new line.
  2. (2017-07-21): Added complete character set. Should now work perfectly for all characters!
  3. (2017-08-10): Fixed bug for empty input. Handy link: