Single-script file sharing system in PHP
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Single-script file sharing system in PHP
Current version: 3.1
License: MIT License


  1. PHP 5.6+
  2. secSesh for secure session handling. Save secsesh.php in the same folder as psst.php.


  1. Save psst.php on your server. You can rename it.
  2. Create a directory where your files will be uploaded. Make sure it is publicly accessibly.
  3. Configure the options at the top of psst.php.
  4. Save secsesh.php in the same folder as psst.php, or if you already have it on your server, change the path of the file in the script.
  5. All done!

Recommended file structure:

  +-[web root]

(You can change this, but it might break some minor URL management stuff, which you'll have to modify in psst.php.)


  1. File size limit
  2. File extention allowances
  3. File extention exclusions
  4. HTTPS enforce through redirects
  5. Password protection for uploading interface
  6. Super simple (and mobile-friendly) UI
  7. Completely valid HTML
  8. No JavaScript required
  9. Single-file script

Misc. Considerations

  1. You might want to enforce SSL through your server options, because the setting in the file will only enforce it for the script itself and won't (can't) enforce it for the files you share.
  2. You also might want to leave an empty index.html file in the directory where your files are stored, or disable directory listing


  • v1.0: Initial version
  • v1.1: Bugfixes
  • v1.2: Bugfixes
  • v1.3: Added logout functionality
  • v2.0: Started using secSesh for more secure session management
  • v2.1: Changed functions in accordance with namespace modification in secSesh
  • v2.2: Added file listing functionality
  • v3.0: Bugfixes, file delete feature
  • v3.1: Bugfixes

Report Bugs

Create an Issue or tweet to me at @rahuldottech