VAEs on Sparse Data
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On the challenges of learning with inference networks on sparse, high-dimensional data


This contains code to learn DLGMs/VAEs on sparse-non negative data (though it may be easily modified for other data types) while optimizing the variational parameters predicted by the inference network during learning. It implements the models and techniques detailed in the paper:

On the challenges in learning with inference networks on sparse, high-dimensional data 
Rahul G. Krishnan, Dawen Liang, Matthew Hoffman




The repository is arranged as follows:


To run the model on your own data, you will have to specify a dataset as follows. See for an example of how to setup the dataset from scratch.

    dset = {}
    dset['vocabulary']= vocab # array of len V containing vocabulary
    dset['train']     = train_matrix #scipy sparse tensor of size Ntrain x dim_features
    dset['valid']     = valid_matrix #scipy sparse tensor of size Nvalid x dim_features
    dset['test']      = test_matrix #scipy sparse tensor of size Ntest x dim_features 
    dset['dim_observations'] = dset['train'].shape[1]
    dset['data_type'] = 'bow'

See the ipython notebook TrainingVAEsparse.ipynb for more details