Chrome extension to remove Kamaal R Khan from the internet.
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Unfortunately not everyone hates KRK but most of the sensible people do hate him, and its justified because that shit-head has no respect of women.

This Chrome extension will identify parts of a web page likely to contain KRK and erase them from the Internet.

Share with your friends and eliminate this so called celebrity.

Installation (for Users)

It will soon be available in Chrome Web Store.

Installation (for Developers)

Want to hack on the SRK Filter? Sweet!

Here's a howto to get the source of the Chrome Extension running in your environment.

  1. Grab latest source
git clone
  1. Enable Chrome Extension in your Chrome install
Open Chrome.
Navigate to Settings... Tools... Extensions.
Click + on "Developer mode"
Click "Load unpacked extensions..."
Navigate to directory you installed Jeter Filter and click Open.
Chuckle to self as you reload this page and significant chunks of it suddenly disappear.
  1. Make the world a safer place.


  • Created by Rahul Kapoor.
  • This work is licensed under GPLv3.