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😎 Extension to enhance your browsing experience on VIT Academics Student Login.
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Extension for Edge
Extension for Firefox
Extension for chrome
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Code Climate College Code

Chrome and Firefox extension that helps you to enhance your browsing experience at [VIT Student Login] (

For general documentation, visit the VITacademics Enhancement Suite Wiki.


See the list of contributors who participated in this project.

Contributor guidelines

Contributions are welcome. if you see any issue then open an issue and if you think you can fix it then start working on it by forking this project. We just ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:

  1. It would be greatly appreciated if you could stick to a few style guidelines:
  • please use tabs for indentation
  • please use spaces in your if statements, e.g. if (foo === bar), not if(foo===bar)
  • please use single quotes ' and not double quotes " for strings
  • please comment your code!
  1. If you are introducing a big change, please make sure that everything else is working correctly.


VES is available for Chrome & Firefox users though the firefox is still in BETA phase. you can download the extension using the following links:

  • Google Chrome Download -> VES
  • Mozilla Firefox Download -> VES

Project structure

  • Extension for Chrome/: Chrome-specific VES files
  • Extension for Firefox/: firefox-specific VES files
  • Extension for Edge/: edge-specific VES files
  • Media/: Image source
  • self-explanatory
  • YOU ARE HERE, unless you're browsing on GitHub.

Building development versions of the extension

Building in Chrome
  1. Go to Menu->Tools->Extensions and tick the Developer Mode checkbox
  2. Choose Load unpacked extension and point it to the dist/chrome folder. Make sure you only have one VITacademics ES version running at a time.
  3. Any time you make changes to the script, you must go back to the Menu->Tools->Extensions page and Reload the extension.
Building in Firefox

As Extension for Mozilla Firefox is based on chrome, you should follow this tutorial to Load temporary add-ons in Firefox

Building in Microsoft Edge
  1. Go to about:flags and tick the Enable extension developer features checkbox.
  2. Choose Load extension on the extensions menu and select your extensions folder.
  3. Any time you make changes to the extension, you must go back to the Menu->Extensions page, go to the extensions settings and Reload the extension.
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