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import sys
import socket
import random
import Checksum
This is the basic sender class. Your sender will extend this class and will
implement the start() method.
class BasicSender():
def __init__(self,dest,port,filename,debug=False):
self.debug = debug
self.dest = dest
self.dport = port
self.sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
self.sock.settimeout(None) # blocking
if filename == None:
self.infile = sys.stdin
self.infile = open(filename,"r")
# Waits until packet is received to return.
def receive(self, timeout=None):
return self.sock.recv(4096)
except socket.timeout:
return None
# Sends a packet to the destination address.
def send(self, message, address=None):
if address is None:
address = (self.dest,self.dport)
self.sock.sendto(message, address)
# Prepares a packet
def make_packet(self,msg_type,seqno,msg):
body = "%s|%d|%s|" % (msg_type,seqno,msg)
checksum = Checksum.generate_checksum(body)
packet = "%s%s" % (body,checksum)
return packet
def split_packet(self, message):
pieces = message.split('|')
msg_type, seqno = pieces[0:2] # first two elements always treated as msg type and seqno
checksum = pieces[-1] # last is always treated as checksum
data = '|'.join(pieces[2:-1]) # everything in between is considered data
return msg_type, seqno, data, checksum
# Main sending loop.
def start(self):
raise NotImplementedError
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