This is the skeleton project for building Angular JS Movie Review from scratch.
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Angular Movie Review — Skeleton App for building full fledged Angular JS app.

This project is a sample movie review application demonstrating a more fully developed realistic single page angular application.

Running the application

open your command line to the root directory of the repository. run

If you are on a windows machine, install the bash shell. Optionally you may run server.bat. Note that after you stop your server, you must change directory back to the root of the project.

Then navigate your browser to http://localhost:8000/<page>.html to see the app running in your browser. The port may be configured in the scripts/web-server.js file near the top.


The server is a simple node server that just writes and reads files from the disk in a restful manner.

For more information on AngularJS please check out

Thanks for joining me.

Happy Coding Rahul Sahay