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istSOS-Data Analysis and statistical tool suite (GSoC 2017)

istsos2 provides easily manage your sensor network and distribute your data in a standard way.

Mentors : @massimiliano-cannata, @mantonovic


The primary goal of my project was to create OAT(Data analysis and statistics) extension in RESTFull Web api and OAT extension having data analysis and statistical tools for istSOS which is be used to automate the creation of statisticate documents using OAT library and harvesting the data from an istSOS server.

Implemented OAT methods

OAT Extension


istSOS is an OGC SOS server implementation written in Python. istSOS allows for managing and dispatch observations from monitoring sensors according to the Sensor Observation Service standard.

The project provides also a Graphical user Interface that allows for easing the daily operations and a RESTful Web api for automatizing administration procedures.

Developers docs

OAT(Observation Analysis Tool)

OAT is a Python package which is integrated in the istSOS through an interface exposing its features to modellers and non programmer users. OAT library Method class which is designated to represent a processing method. The library applies the behavioral visitor pattern which allows the separation of an algorithm from the object on which it operates.

From a dependency point of view, OAT takes advantage of the PANDAS(McKinney, 2010), NUMPY and SCIPY (Van der Walt et. al. 2011) packages.


Tools Used

  1. Pandas
  2. NUMPY
  3. SCIPY
  4. d3.js


  1. Understanding istSOS structure and OAT package
  2. Working with extjs tools in a concurrent environment.
  3. Developing consistent suits.

Scope for future improvements

  1. fuctionality add sensor through (CSV, istSOS, Raw)data in Add sensor name GUI in OAT extenstion. Add sensor name
  2. fuctionality add in Mangae sensor.
  3. functionalty add in Compare sensor.


###Data analysis and statistics tool suit Pool

pull request

forked github Repo.

Data analysis and statistics tools suit commits

###Data analysis and statistics tool suit

Updated OAT methods

Added multiple y-axis in Dygraph

Added download result

Added tabulation

Added usage of period

Added usage of time

Added hargreaves oat method

Added data_values oat method

Added quality oat method

Added fill oat method

Added statistics oat method

Added hydro_indicies oat method

Added intgrate oat method

Added hydro_events oat method

Added hydro_separation oat method

Added exeedance oat method

Added resample oat method

Added some OAT methods GUI

Added page Add Sensor GUI

Added page Process time series GUI

##Other Links