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Personal Website, mark 2

Environment Setup

  • Create Git Repo
  • Set up EditorConfig
  • Set up NPM Project
  • Set up Directory Structure
  • Install and setup Webpack (and config file)
  • Install and setup ESLint (and rc file)
  • Install and setup Babel (and rc file)
  • Set up dev/dist servers
  • Set up NPM scripts
  • Set up framework (e.g. React)
  • Use for favicons


  • Styling

    • Finish Basic Site Styles
    • Use React for animation stuff instead of vanilla CSS
    • Create Responsive Setup (Grid System?)
    • Make the PageWrapper change the document.title
    • Style typography, site colors - make it responsive and get bigger/smaller with screen size, similar to banner on homePage
    • consolidate variables (don't set actual colors anywhere: move everything to variables)
  • Style Navbar

    • Basic responsiveness
    • Mobile Navigation Drawer
    • Make navigation bar disable rest of website
    • Make navigation bar close after page change
    • Fix z-indices
  • Projects Page

    • Make Project Footer have links to the GitHub/DevPost/Project (based on type (Github/Devpost/Project) and link props)
    • Make the ProjectLinks react to hover
  • On all animations, use will-change and instead of 'all' only put the values that will change

  • Make all .column elements into divs, rather than text-level elements

  • Include fallbacks for rgba values

  • Production

    • Figure out svg, png, jpg packaging with Webpack - use require() when specifying src in JSX
    • Update graphics (desk picture, projects pictures)
      • Make the projects pictures all the same size square (350x350 px?) - used for resizing and for optimization
    • Use PostCSS or some autoprefixer or something
    • Update Production Stack
    • Figure out why React Router adds a new history state when I click the link to the page I am already on
    • Figure out Favicon packaging with Webpack
    • Fix iPhone styling errors, add browserslistrc!!!
  • Future

    • Clean up project
    • Learn how to make svg assets (personal logo, etc.)
    • Update page transitions to TransitionGroup so that I can make a 404 Page
    • Cubic bezier custom transition functions