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Raiden Network


Raiden Network is a proposed extension to Ethereum which scales-out asset transfer capacity.

It's inspired by the Lightning Network which leverages off-chain asset transfers to carry out the vast majority of transactions.

This is work in progress.


Please follow the installation instructions in the wiki.

macOS specifics

First install the system-dependecies for a successful build of the Python packages:

  1. brew install pkg-config libffi automake
  2. export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/Cellar/libffi/3.0.13/lib/pkgconfig/

Ropsten testnet

These are the currently deployed contract addresses for the Ropsten Testnet:

Netting Channel Library: 0x5208baa313256c0e703c96b06c896875b823cc11 Channel Manager Library: 0x196da534e3860398f2d9c27cb93fb4bac69715eb Registry Contract: 0x32c5dab9b099a5b6c0e626c1862c07b30f58d76a Discovery Contract: 0x79ab17cc105e820368e695dfa547604651d02cbb

Versions and releases

Currently we aim to create proof of concept releases weekly, not based on a certain feature level. All proof of concept releases will have version numbers in the 0.0.x range (so PoC-1 = 0.0.1).

Developer notice:

To create a proof of concept release, install bumpversion, update your master branch to the latest upstream version (i.e. git checkout master && git pull --rebase), then call

This will bump the version and create a commit on a new branch poc_release_{version}, which will be pushed to the upstream repository and create a PR.

From there, follow the steps from the script (i.e. merge PR and tag the result on the master branch, which will trigger the pypi release.