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from typing import Any, Dict, Optional
class InvalidGlobalMessage(Exception):
"""A global message received via matrix is invalid and must be discarded"""
class InvalidCapacityUpdate(InvalidGlobalMessage):
class InvalidFeeUpdate(InvalidGlobalMessage):
class UndefinedFee(Exception):
"""The fee schedule is not applicable resulting in undefined fees
This should be handled by excluding the route from the results"""
class ApiException(Exception):
"""An exception that can be returned via the REST API"""
msg: str = "Unknown Error"
http_code: int = 400
error_code: int = 0
error_details: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None
def __init__(self, msg: str = None, **details: Any):
if msg:
self.msg = msg
self.error_details = details
def __str__(self) -> str:
return f"{self.__class__.__name__}({self.error_details})"
# ### Generic Service Exceptions 20xx ###
class InvalidRequest(ApiException):
"""Request arguments failed schema validation"""
error_code = 2000
msg = "Request parameter failed validation. See `error_details`."
class InvalidSignature(ApiException):
error_code = 2001
msg = "The signature did not match the signed content."
class RequestOutdated(ApiException):
error_code = 2002
msg = "The request contains too old timestamps or nonces."
class InvalidTokenNetwork(ApiException):
error_code = 2003
msg = "Invalid token network."
class UnsupportedTokenNetwork(ApiException):
error_code = 2004
msg = "This service does not work on the given token network."
class UnsupportedChainID(ApiException):
error_code = 2005
msg = "This service does not work on the given blockchain."
# ### BadIOU 21xx ###
class BadIOU(ApiException):
error_code = 2100
class MissingIOU(BadIOU):
error_code = 2101
msg = "No IOU for service fees has been provided."
class WrongIOURecipient(BadIOU):
error_code = 2102
msg = "IOU not addressed to the correct receiver."
class IOUExpiredTooEarly(BadIOU):
error_code = 2103
msg = "Please use a higher `expiration_block`."
class InsufficientServicePayment(BadIOU):
error_code = 2104
msg = "The provided payment is lower than service fee."
class IOUAlreadyClaimed(BadIOU):
error_code = 2105
msg = "The IOU is already claimed. Please start new session with different `expiration_block`."
class UseThisIOU(BadIOU):
error_code = 2106
msg = "Please increase the amount of the existing IOU instead of creating a new one."
class DepositTooLow(BadIOU):
error_code = 2107
msg = "Not enough deposit in UserDeposit contract."
class WrongOneToNAddress(BadIOU):
error_code = 2108
msg = "The IOU uses a different OneToN contract than the service"
# ### PFS specific errors 22xx ###
class NoRouteFound(ApiException):
error_code = 2201
http_code = 404
msg = "No route between nodes found."
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