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Find file Copy path
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# This will build the latest master
# we use an intermediate image to build this image. it will make the resulting
# image a bit smaller.
# you can build the image with:
# docker build . -t raiden
FROM python:3.7 as builder
# use --build-arg RAIDENVERSION=v0.0.3 to build a specific (tagged) version
ARG REPO=raiden-network/raiden
# This is a "hack" to automatically invalidate the cache in case there are new commits
ADD${REPO}/commits/${RAIDENVERSION} /dev/null
# clone raiden repo + install dependencies
RUN git clone -b ${RAIDENVERSION}${REPO} /app/raiden
RUN python3 -m venv /opt/venv
ENV PATH="/opt/venv/bin:$PATH"
WORKDIR /app/raiden
RUN make install
FROM python:3.7-slim as runner
COPY --from=builder /opt/venv /opt/venv
ENTRYPOINT ["/opt/venv/bin/python3", "-m", "raiden"]
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