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v0.10.0 - Janin

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@LefterisJP LefterisJP released this 21 Sep 16:59
· 6780 commits to master since this release


This is the latest weekly testnet release in preparation for the Red Eyes mainnet release. This is a compatibility breaking release which alters the database format. A new database will be automatically created for you.

New Features

  • #2517 Increase the time a notification stays visible on the webui.
  • #2470 Add a main/test network switch enabling or disabling specific functionality depending on the network type.

Bug Fixes

  • #2515 Add validation for settle timeout against reveal timeout when opening a channel from the webui.
  • #2512 Add descending order by block_number as default for blockchain events on webui.
  • #2507 Fix a security issue where an attacker could eavesdrop Matrix communications between two nodes in private rooms
  • #2501 Adds a matrix.private_rooms config to communicate only through private rooms in Matrix
  • #2449 Fix a race condition when handling channel close events.
  • #2414 If partner uses our old balance proof on-chain, the raiden client will now recover it from the WAL and properly use it on-chain.