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v0.100.1 - Red Eyes

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@hackaugusto hackaugusto released this 21 Dec 15:30


The Red Eyes release is the first Raiden release on the Ethereum mainnet. It is an alpha testing release. It is not production ready but is intended only for testing the Raiden Network on the mainnet. Before using it, please read this blog post carefully, covering important security notes for usage and known issues, carefully. A bug bounty was created specifically for the release. For more detailed information about the scope, bounty rewards and submission guidelines please visit the bug bounty website.

Bug Fixes

  • #3196 If our partner updates onchain with earlier balance proof find the event in the DB and properly perform the unlock onchain.
  • #3171 Do not crash raiden if the Matrix server is offline when joining a discovery room.
  • #3183 If as initiator our nodes receives a RefundTransfer then do not delete the payment task at the lock expiration block but wait for a LockExpired message. Solves one hanging transfer case.
  • #3179 Properly process a SendRefundTransfer event if it's the last one before settlement and not crash the client.
  • #3175 If Github checking of latest version returns unexpected response do not let Raiden crash.
  • #3170 If the same refund transfer is received multiple times, the mediator state machine will reject subsequent ones rather than clearing up the mediator task.
  • #3146 If a refund transfer is received and there are no other routes, keep the payment task so that the channel does not hang when mediator sends a LockExpired.