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@LefterisJP LefterisJP released this Feb 21, 2019


Raiden v0.100.2 is a mostly bug-fixing release containing a considerable number of fixes for bugs since the Red Eyes release and some small new additions such as an updated WebUI and the groundwork for some work for the third party services.

Furthermore from this release and on we have started generating ARM binaries so you can also use Raiden on the Raspberry PI.


  • #3317 Return the secretHash and the Secret as part of a payment response.
  • Set python 3.7 as a minimum python version requirement to run Raiden.
  • Update WebUI to version 0.8.0
  • #3236 Add backwards-compatible PFS integration in the routing layer
  • #2988 If estimateGas returns failure Raiden does not send a transaction.
  • #3217 If a channel is already updated onchain don't send an updateNonClosingBalanceProof transaction.

Bug Fixes

  • #3528 Do not crash raiden if a LockExpired message with invalid channel identifier is received.
  • #3529 Do not crash raiden if a SecretRequest message with invalid channel identifier is received.
  • #3380 Connection manager no longer attempts deposit if per partner funds are zero.
  • #3369 Fix high CPU usage when the raiden node is idle.
  • #3196 Proper fix for the bug that caused not finding locksroot in the DB during unlock
  • #3257 Requesting the channel list with a token address and not a partner address via the API should no longer cause a 500 server error.
  • #3216 If coming online after partner closed channel don't try to send updateNonClosingBalanceProof twice and crash Raiden.
  • #3211 If using parity and getting the already imported error, attempt to handle it and not crash the client.
  • #3121 If the same payment identifier is reused avoid a specific race condition that can crash Raiden.
  • #3201 Workaround for gas price strategy crashing Raiden with an Infura ethereum node.
  • #3190 Prevents removal of initiator task when one of the transfers is expired.
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