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v0.100.4 - thehighfiveghost

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@rakanalh rakanalh released this 09 Jul 08:51


v0.100.4 is our latest release which includes a collection of new features including channel withdraw and improved PFS integration as well as bug fixes which improve Raiden's handling of pruned blocks while interacting with the blockchain clients. A detailed list of all features and bug fixes is presented below.

This is a testnet release. Running this version on mainnet is not recommended.

New Features

  • #4095 Prevent Raiden from sending IOU to PFS when fee is 0
  • #4088 Check PFS info about registry address, prevent use of a PFS that doesn't support the current network.
  • #4062 Use PFS requested fee instead of client max fee
  • #3894 Drop support for UDP transport
  • #3863 Implement permissive source routing
  • #3754 Publish mediation fee infos to PFS
  • #3303 Use direct channels for payments when possible, without asking PFS
  • #1498 Implement on-chain channel withdraw

Bug fixes

  • #4036 Initiator should check the state of the partner nodes
  • #3778 Fix handling of pruned blocks in proxies.