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v0.13.0 - Gypsy Mushroom

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@ulope ulope released this 12 Oct 20:24
· 6496 commits to master since this release


This is the latest weekly testnet release in preparation for the Red Eyes mainnet release.
As in the previous weeks we continued the intensive testing and review of the Raiden client. We fixed two critical and several minor bugs.
Going forward from this release we're also deploying the Raiden smart contracts to the Kovan and Rinkeby testnets.
This is a compatibility breaking release which alters the database format. A new database will be automatically created for you. There was also a breaking change to the network transport protocol for UDP.


  • #2708 Add a --showconfig CLI flag which dumps all configuration values.
  • #2713 Added the protocol version in the Ping message.
  • #2764 Support pre-deployed contracts on Kovan and Rinkeby testnets.

Bug Fixes

  • #2662 Fix wrong deserialization of snapshots in special cases.
  • #2720 A lock expired message must be considered invalid if the block in which the lock expired has not been confirmed.
  • #2730 Refuse transfers, if its secret is already registered on-chain.
  • #2746 Refuse duplicate payment identifiers