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This is the latest weekly testnet release in preparation for the Red Eyes mainnet release.
As in the previous weeks we continued the intensive testing and review of the Raiden client. We fixed one critical and several medium severity bugs, most of them centered around the removal of expired locks.
This is a compatibility breaking release which alters the database format. A new database will be automatically created for you.


  • #2752 Renamed --network-type cli option to --environment-type.

Bug Fixes

  • #2845 Properly update local state balance proof during a lock expiration.
  • #2835 Incorrectly accepting a RemoveLockExpired is no longer possible.
  • #2836 Contract version check now works for any deployed contract version.
  • #2449 Only polling events from confirmed blocks to prevent conflicts with reorgs.
  • #2827 Fixed a typo in the handle_secretrequest function.
  • #2813 Fixed swapped message and payment id, which caused problems on node restart.
  • #2794 UnlockPartialProofState no longer raises AttributeError when accessing lockhash.
  • #2664 Raiden node will now wait for 5 block confirmations before processing a given transaction. Should help with reorgs.