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@rakanalh rakanalh released this Nov 25, 2019


This is a testnet release. Running this version on mainnet is not recommended.

This is the second release candidate towards a mainnet-stable Alderaan. A lot of bugs found during testing were fixed especially on the mediation fees component and the the transport layer.

New Features

  • #5050 Raiden's argument --debug-logfile-name has been renamed to --debug-logfile-path to better reflect the argument's function.
  • #5278 Always use private rooms in the matrix transport.
  • #5217 Fully support infura as an underlying ethereum rpc node.
  • #5053 Make mediation fees non-negative by default. This fixes some counter-intuitive behaviour.
  • Update WebUI to version 0.10.1


  • #5050 Raiden now works on OSX Catalina. Debug logfile is no longer written in the current directory.
  • #5064 Display a user-friendly error message when the PFS info request fails.
  • #5055 Fix withdraw messages deserialization when the messages are queued in queueids_to_queues.
  • #4835 Fix etherscan sync by passing user-agent in the HTTP request. The request was failing because etherscan is protected by Cloudflare.
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