@LefterisJP LefterisJP released this Feb 22, 2018 · 2935 commits to master since this release

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This is another snapshot release of the Raiden Network on top of the Developer Preview.

Raiden now requires Python 3. If you are just switching from an old installation of raiden which was using Python 2, make sure to update you virtual environment and to remove your raiden directory. By default that would mean: rm -rf ~/.raiden.

There have been 219 commits since the last release and 9 external contributors helped in shaping this release.

New Features

  • Unless specifically provided gas price and gas limit are now dynamically calculated from the eth_gasPrice() and latest blocks limit respectively. (#1230)
  • Update raiden to use Python 3 and the latest version of pyethereum. (#87)
  • Added macOS compatibility and binary releases. (#1015)
  • Reconnect raiden to ethereum node after disconnect. (#1093)
  • Added --gas-price command line option. (#1097)
  • Introduce an upper limit for the settle_timeout attribute of the netting channel. (#1038)
  • Making python's channels crash resilient (recoverable). Note, this is a breaking change, the serialization format of channel objects changed to a WAL compatible representation. (#507)
  • Add show_default to CLI options. (#1037)
  • Block raiden startup until ethereum node is fully synchronized. (#670)
  • Add amount and target to EventTransferSentSuccess event. (#1010)
  • Include an errors field in all unsuccessful API responses. (#1022)
  • Add /api/1/connection API endpoint returning information about all connected token networks. (#921)


  • Don't crash when using the --nat=ext:IP command line option. (#1274)
  • Correctly decode network events in the REST API. (#1217)
  • Fix internal server error on REST endpoint /events/tokens/ for non-existing tokens. (#1224)
  • REST API now returns json error for invalid endpoints. (#1261)
  • REST and Python API close did not work if a transfer was made. (#1138)
  • Rename /connection API endpoint to /connections for consistency. (#1044)
  • Make raiden byzantium compatible by no longer relying on estimateGas. (#1049)
  • Removed block_number from contracts events, using block_number from block on which it was mined. (#450)
  • User selectable NAT traversal. (#870)
  • Remove settled attribute from the NettingChannel smart contract. (#1011)