@LefterisJP LefterisJP released this Aug 31, 2018 · 1258 commits to master since this release

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This is the latest weekly testnet release in preparation for the Red Eyes mainnet release. This is a compatibility breaking release which alters the database format and introduces changes to the REST API. A new database will be automatically created for you.

There were some minor DB changes but in this release a lot of bugs were fixed. Most of them were UI bugs but also a lot were
bugs that could cause the node to crash or get bricked.

New Features

  • #2296 Gracefully handle malformed messages
  • #2251 Add webui support for switching token input between decimal and integer values.
  • #2285 Request user acknowledgement for the experimental software disclaimer.
  • #2225 Using a constant expiration for lock, making sure that on-chain unlocks are atomic.
  • #2170 Removed block number from internal events and rearranged REST API debug endpoints

Bug Fixes

  • #2293 Initiator had the payment and message identifiers swapped.
  • #2275 Adds scientific notation for really small fractions when displaying balances.
  • #2282 Fixes internal webui error that would not propagate channel updates.
  • #2284 Fixes balance notifications showing for wrong channels.
  • #2277 Fixes sorting by balance for tokens and channels.
  • #2278 Fixes leave network button request.
  • #2264 Notification fonts are now aligned with the rest of the WebUI.