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@konradkonrad konradkonrad released this 09 Jun 08:14

A lot of work on the transport layer as well as the services went into this release. To improve performance and reliability on the transport layer it was necessary to implement some backwards incompatible changes.

Backwards compatibility status:

  • v2.x clients WILL NOT be compatible with and not be able to perform transfers with any earlier versions
    This means channels opened with older versions need to be closed, settled and re-opened.
    This shouldn't cause any particular harm on test-networks. For mainnet we will provide support for users.


  • #7120 Fix for transport potentially blocks at long http response times
  • #6673 Remove refund transfers. Refunds were intended as a way to quickly unlock funds in case a transfer can't be completed without having to wait for the lock to expire. Unfortunately they were never very good at achieving this goal and added a lot of complications to the codebase. Therefore they got removed. See the linked issue for more details.
  • #7064 Fix building of binary bundles which was broken for a while.
  • #6986 Increment DB version - this will make this release incompatible with previous releases. Please refer to the known issues section in the docs for details.
  • #6851 Raiden does not use Matrix rooms anymore. This greatly reduces the load on the matrix servers and increases the reliability of the transport layer.
  • #6898 Add support for Geth 1.10.
  • #6947 Add support for Python 3.9.
  • #6821 API endpoint for UserDeposit contract deposits/withdraws
  • #6763 Ensure that pending messages are sent before Raiden is stopped
  • #6838 Add /notifcations endpoint for showing notifications and warnings to the user.
  • #6563 Faster syncing with the blockchain.
  • Update WebUI to version 1.2.1. Introduces a new "Quick Connect", that is simpler and more transparent than the old "join token network" feature, and adds a dialog for interacting with the UserDeposit contract (UDC).
  • #4730 Remove "join token network" feature from API. Explicitly create and fund channels, instead.
  • #6582 Add /settings endpoint with information about the used pathfinding service.
  • #6657 Support for recent geth versions.
  • #6541 Remove internal routing.