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#Slideshow of Legends# #####Coded by Paul Osborn##### This is an app that displays a match slideshow for the 2015 Riot API Challenge.

It displays URF matches (champions and team K/D/A) in a slideshow format. There are nice animations and after the match the deadliest champion (from the winning team) is displayed.
It supports all regions as well as customizing the delay between automatic match switching, or an option to manually advance. It will continue infinitely, always picking a new random bucket of matches.
There are champion images stored in the app itself. All those come from ddragon on the fly. It will run on any android version 4.3 or higher device. It looks best on an HD display.

Full development log can be found in the Android branch here

Screencast: Download Youtube
APK: Download

##Screenshots## Loading Screen:
Loading Screen Welcome Screen:
Welcome Screen MVP Display Delay:
MVP Delay Manual Advance Match:
Auto Advance Multiple Regions:
Regions Match View:
Match View MVP View:
MVP View