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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Datastore models for Freeside Atlanta's Member Portal."""
import hashlib
from google.appengine.ext import db
class Person(db.Model):
"""Base person class. Necessary in the case of non-member board nominees."""
firstname = db.StringProperty()
lastname = db.StringProperty()
username = db.StringProperty(required=True)
email = db.EmailProperty(required=True)
altemails = db.ListProperty(item_type=db.Email)
phone = db.PhoneNumberProperty()
altphones = db.ListProperty(item_type=db.PhoneNumber)
address = db.PostalAddressProperty()
# password is hashed with sha256
password = db.BlobProperty(required=True)
password_expired = db.BooleanProperty(default=False)
active = db.BooleanProperty(default=True)
admin = db.BooleanProperty(default=False)
joined = db.DateProperty()
left = db.DateProperty()
def EncryptPassword(password):
"""Encrypts a password using SHA-256 encoding.
password: str, password to encrypt.
str, encrypted password.
return hashlib.sha256(password).digest()
class Member(Person):
"""Your basic freeside member."""
starving = db.BooleanProperty(default=False)
rfid = db.IntegerProperty()
doormusic = db.BlobProperty()
liability = db.BooleanProperty(default=False)
liabilitypdf = db.BlobProperty()
picture = db.BlobProperty()
website = db.StringProperty()
class Election(db.Model):
"""Election Base Class."""
position = db.StringProperty(required=True)
description = db.TextProperty()
nominate_start = db.DateTimeProperty(required=True)
nominate_end = db.DateTimeProperty(required=True)
vote_start = db.DateTimeProperty(required=True)
vote_end = db.DateTimeProperty(required=True)
# Unique list of Nominees
nominees = db.ListProperty(item_type=db.Key)
# List of votes stored as keys to Members or boardmembers
votes = db.ListProperty(item_type=db.Key)
# Unique list of member keys to prevent double voting.
nominators = db.ListProperty(item_type=db.Key)
voters = db.ListProperty(item_type=db.Key)
def GetAllElectionTypes():
"""Gets all valid election types."""
return [s.__name__ for s in Election.__subclasses__()]
class OfficerElection(Election):
"""An Officer Election."""
class BoardElection(Election):
"""A Board Member Election."""
class Payment(db.Model):
"""Base class for Payments."""
gross = db.FloatProperty(required=True)
net = db.FloatProperty(required=True)
time = db.DateTimeProperty(required=True)
gcheckoutTransID = db.StringProperty()
gcheckoutBuyerID = db.StringProperty()
gcheckoutFee = db.FloatProperty()
paypalID = db.StringProperty()
paypalName = db.StringProperty()
paypalFee = db.FloatProperty()
#TODO(raiford): verify payment method is valid from a list.
paymentmethod = db.StringProperty()
email = db.EmailProperty()
class Dues(Payment):
"""A members monthly dues."""
#TODO(raiford): a cron job to audit dues without member set
member = db.ReferenceProperty()
class Donation(Payment):
"""A donation."""
firstname = db.StringProperty()
lastname = db.StringProperty()
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