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Pseudo OSX Light.sublime-theme
Pseudo OSX.sublime-theme
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Widget - Pseudo OSX.stTheme
Widget - Pseudo OSX.sublime-settings

Pseudo OSX theme

OS X UI theme for Sublime Text 2 Pseudo OSX theme

The theme is largely based on the excellent Soda theme by Ian Hill.

Scrollbars are from the default theme.

So I mainly didn't do anything.


For now you can download or clone it from here.

Manually downloading

Rename the folder to Theme - Pseudo OSX and put it in your Packages directory



In your Settings - User file:

    "theme": "Pseudo OSX.sublime-theme"


In your Settings - User file:

    "theme": "Pseudo OSX Light.sublime-theme"

TODO (maybe)

  • Light version
  • Search icons need some reconsidering
  • New scrollbars