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Configuration for Duet 2 Ethernet and Duet 2 Wifi



  • All filenames shall be all lowercase

  • Filenames of g-code files to be executed via M98 shall be hyphenated based on <purpose>-<option>.g. e.g.

    • probe-ir.g
    • probe-bltouch.g
    • probe-piezo.g
  • The first line of each gcode file shall be a comment detailing exactly what the file deals with. e.g.

    ; Probing configuration for Precision Piezo Orion Z-Probe

  • All string P-parameters shall be quoted, i.e. M98 P"wifi.g"


  • All macro files shall be named in Pascal Case and be descriptive of the function, e.g. GridProbe
  • The first line of each macro shall be a comment that describes the purpose of the macro

Standard Connections

The Duet and Duex have a multitude of connection ports available. Whenever possible, alternate hardware should be configured to use the same ports as the hardware it replaced. For example, if you configure a new type of bed probe, try to use the same connections that other bed probes are using.

Port Purpose
X-Stepper Rear x/y stepper
Y-Stepper Front x/y stepper
E0 Extruder Stepper
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