Replaces the vRealize Automation 'All Services' icon in vRA 7.1+
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Replace vRA 'All Services' icon


This script replaces the vRealize Automation 7.1+ 'All Services' icon with a .png file of your choosing.


Place the .png file you are using in the same folder as the script, and edit the following lines (in ''):

# replace these variables
filename = 'service.png'
vra_ip = ''
vra_user = 'administrator@vsphere.local'
vra_pass = 'VMware1!'
vra_tenant = 'vsphere.local'

You will need the 'requests' Python package. This can be installed using pip. Account used should be the System Administrator (this is always administrator@vsphere.local to my knowledge)

Undoing Replacement

The '' script can be used to replace the custom icon with the original, this will need the same lines amending as shown in the pre-requisites


Used the following documents to create this: