Fall 2018 Homework 1
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Rails DeCal Fall 2018 Homework 1

This assignment involves writing scripts in Ruby to help you become familiar with the Ruby programming language.

After forking this repository, follow these commands to get started:

git clone https://github.com/your_username/fa18-hw1
cd fa18-hw1


There is a method called squared_sum in hw1.rb. squared_sum accepts two integer parameters a and b. The method should calculate the sum of a and b and then return the square of the sum. Please finish this method.


There is a method called sort_array_plus_one in hw1.rb. sort_array_plus_one accepts an array of integers as its parameter. The method should sort the given array, increment each element by 1, and finally return it. Please finish this method, either in a destructive or non-destructive fashion.


There is a method called combine_name in hw1.rb. combine_name accepts two string parameters first_name and last_name. The method should return the first_name concatenated with the last_name with a space in between. Please finish this method.


combine_name 'Ethan', 'Lee'
 => 'Ethan Lee'


It's blockin' time!

In hw1.rb we defined a function called blockin_time that requires the foobar.rb file, and then calls a class method 'baz' from the Foobar class.

If you take a look at foobar.rb, you'll see that we've defined Foobar. Write a class function in foobar.rb called baz that accepts an array of integers as strings, changes each string into an integer, adds two to each number, keeps the even numbers only, removes any duplicates, rejects the resulting numbers greater than or equal to ten, and finally returns the sum of the resulting array.

For example:

['1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '10'] returns 10. ((2+2) + (4+2)) = 10.

['1', '2', '2', '2', '3', '4', '5', '10'] returns 10 as well.


You want to get a leg up on your next Scrabble game with your grandmother. Write a function that takes a word (string) and returns the scrabble value of that word. Use the hash provided in the method to get the values. Assume the word has all lowercase letters.

Your code should be on a single line.

Hint: Try to split the word to get the letters in an array

Hint: Are :this_one and "this_one" equivalent objects?

Hint: Look at Array#sum


> scrabble("equestrian")
=> 19

This should get you familiar with basic operators, strings, symbols, and iterators.


  • Q1-Q3 can be written in 1 line and under 40 characters. Do this if you want an extra challenge.

  • Check out the autograder.rb file and try to figure out how it works!


  • For Q2 check out these docs about arrays. In web development in general, there are a lot of docs available when learning new libraries.

  • For Q3 you might want to check out Ruby's string interpolation.

  • To open the ruby interpreter to help debug call the 'irb' command in your terminal with the hw1.rb file.

irb hw1.rb

How to check your answers

In the base directory of this repo, run ruby autograder.rb.

ruby autograder.rb

If 'All functions work' appears, everything is correct!

How to submit

You're done! Whew. Time to submit! Run these commands:

git add .
git commit -am "whatever message you want"
git push origin master

Fill out the submission form for this homework, which can be found in the assigments tab at https://your.rails.world