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Rails Girls Summer of Code 2015


Applying to a project

Do you want to apply for RGSoC as a student? Please read our Student's Guide first.

Have a look through these projects, whose proposals where accepted by us (they have the label 'accepted'). You can apply to them. Here is an overview of all the submitted projects. The ones which have the 'in review' label are still being reviewed by us, you can't apply for them just yet.

Please contact the mentor who opened the issue. If an issue has the label 'maximum number of applicants reached', that means the mentor is not taking on more applicants for his or her project. You can also find other Open Source projects, that are not yet proposed here and suggest to the mentor to submit his or her project here.

Project Owners/Contributors

We've closed submissions for this year!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a project – the accepted projects can be found here.