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_backup restructure pages, add a content sidebar to all content pages
_data update mapbox sponsor text
_includes add blog and campaign links to mobile nav
_layouts hide the sidebar on small screens
about fix link to javascript for team page
assets put some padding in the footer
blog hide the sidebar on small screens
campaign this now displays pairs
guide Fix link to RailsGirlsSoC twitter account
img add mapbox sponsor text, update logo
sponsors fix email address in sponsor packages page
students add scholarship info
.gitignore wip application guide rewrite
.ruby-gemset Be less strict with the ruby version
.ruby-version bump ruby version (do we even need this?)
CNAME Revert "Temporarily delete CNAME"
Gemfile upgrade jekyll, add bootstrap
Gemfile.lock upgrade jekyll, add bootstrap Make the README more up to date
_config.yml add latest posts to blog sidebar Fix typo
archive.html refactor templates and style archive
blog.xml Add jekyll header to re-enable template parsing
campaign.html improve progress rendering add redirect link
crossdomain.xml restructure pages, add a content sidebar to all content pages
favicon.ico change favicon
favicon.png bring icons in line with & rgsoc-teams
get-involved.html more legacy layout changes
index.html update compose sponsors text
students.html more legacy layout changes

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